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Behavior Consultation and Treatment

Comprehensive consult and treatment with included follow up

  • 40 minutes
  • 300 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Consultation and treatment plan appointments are where we start when addressing a behavior concern you have for your pet that requires some kind of intervention to treat. Some examples of behavior concerns you might want to work on include: -Fear, anxiety, and/or stress in a variety of contexts or in response to a variety of scenarios -Conflict between pets, or between pets and human family members -Unwanted/inappropriate elimination, scratching, biting, or playing in cats -Aggression and reactivity -Resource guarding -Family/pet relationships and dynamics -Preparing for and navigating big changes (such as moving, travel, changes to the daily routine that might come with a new job, a new baby or other family/friend moving in, etc.) The consultation is a 40 minute virtual appointment during which we will talk through your concerns, set goals and expectations, and work together to devise a behavior treatment plan that you feel comfortable and confident implementing with support. Behavior treatment plans are provided in writing to you and your pet's veterinarian and any other pet care professionals you might work with (ex: trainers, groomers, veterinary behaviorists). Plans incorporate management and behavior modification techniques, and often include handouts and other educational resources, recommendations for products, and referrals to other professionals for assistance with all aspects of the plan. Follow up post-consultation is essential to address any concerns or issues with treatment progress and integrity so that positive change is made efficiently. Continuous support is provided through weekly review of your behavior and training journal, and three 15 minute follow up appointments are included. If more in depth follow up is needed, additional follow up consultations may be scheduled as needed (additional fees apply). If you have behavior concerns for more than one pet, additional time and fees will apply.

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