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For Veterinary Professionals

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Expert Advice

As an experienced licensed veterinary technician, I know that veterinarians have limited time and resources to provide all of the education, resources, and answers for clients seeking guidance on everything from ear infections to aggression. If you have a client with behavior concerns, let me take that topic off your plate and assist in the heavy lifting of addressing those questions. Cat and dog behavior is my specialty and I can provide the support you need so that you can focus on diagnosing and treating the medical problems. I always recommend clients seek veterinary care to rule out medical causes for changes in behavior first, so your expertise is crucial in the process of addressing behavior problems! Once you've ruled out a UTI for those accidents in the house, or pain for that sudden aggression, you can refer those clients to me or you can contact me directly for advice on the case. We can work together to provide the best care and optimize outcomes for these special patients. Consultations can be done virtually, so this service is not geographically limited!

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Fear Free Coaching

In-person for up to 3 consecutive days, or virtually via schedule appointments or submission of videos for review, a Fear Free Expert guides and assists practice teams with implementation of Fear Free handling and techniques, SOPs, marketing, and truly incorporating Fear Free into every aspect of veterinary practice and culture. Whether you're just beginning your Fear Free journey or a team of seasoned pros, in-person coaching with a Fear Free Expert can be incredibly beneficial. This is a great option for practices interested in or working toward Fear Free Practice Certification. This service must be requested using the button below, which links to the Fear Free Coach Request website. You can enter my name (Alyssa Cary, LVT) as your preferred coach.

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Continuing Education

Treat your team to a tailored talk, workshop, or coaching session on a behavior topic of your choosing. May be in-person or virtual, on- or off-site, meal or snacks provided. Incorporate more body language awareness, behavior services, and emotionally-aware healthcare into your team's culture and standards of practice. Reinvigorate your team's mindset and engagement and level up your standard of care.

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