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An Appeal to the Learners

Welcome to my blog! In 2024 I hope to bring you tons of great content, but I need your help. I have my own ideas and plans for deep dives into the scientific literature on various topics (first up will be learned helplessness, so stay tuned!), case studies, what the latest research in animal behavior is telling us, and Fear Free tips and applications in a variety of settings. But in order to provide the most relevant information, I'm appealing to the learners in the audience: what would you like to learn about? Is there a particular training method you'd like to understand the mechanics behind, or a behavioral phenomenon you'd like explained? Let me know and I'll feature it here!

Brown-haired woman wearing blue-rimmed sunglasses and a purple RVA Richmond SPCA t-shirt sitting on the beach with her yellow dog. The woman is smiling and the dog looks at the woman, ready to lick her face!
Me and Mak at the beach, summer 2023

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