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Dog Walk

Research Information

Thanks for your interest in my research! Potential participants, please find relevant information below.

Hello! My name is Alyssa, I am a licensed veterinary technician at Clarendon Animal Care and I am finishing up my MS in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare. I am currently collecting data for my research project and need YOUR help!

The purpose of this study is to assess dogs’ physiological and behavioral response to having their blood drawn in the veterinary hospital. By participating in this study, you and your dog will be contributing valuable information that may help shape the ways veterinary professionals around the world work to evaluate, prevent, and alleviate stress in the veterinary clinic.

Here's what you'll need to do as a research participant:

  • Collect your dog's first morning urine sample on Days 1, 2, and 3 (will be a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

  • Complete a technician appointment for a blood draw on a Wednesday morning (at CAC SOUTH)

  • Collect the first urine following the technician appointment (about 6-8 hours after)


You can find the detailed participant instructions here.


Dogs who meet the following criteria may participate:

  • Aged between 2-10 years

  • Living with current owner for at least 6 months

  • Generally healthy (dogs with allergies and arthritis are ok!)

  • Current patient of Clarendon Animal Care

  • Due for bloodwork (annual heartworm/tick disease testing, chronic medication monitoring bloodwork, preoperative bloodwork)

  • Not due for bloodwork but willing to have blood drawn for science!

If you are willing to participate, please complete the consent form linked here and I will be in touch!


There is absolutely no penalty for backing out at any time for any reason. Participation is completely voluntary and as a thank you, you and your dog will receive a thank you gift for your time and dedication, which includes a complimentary brief (30 minute) behavior consultation with me which you may redeem for any current or future pet!


I can offer $20 OFF your dog's annual heartworm test as a thank you for participating in this important research! If your pet is due for an exam or vaccines and would normally have bloodwork and other services completed as part of a single visit, but you choose to participate in this research and thus must make a second trip into the clinic, the technician visit fee will be waived.


I recognize this is a time commitment on your part and am extremely grateful for those of you who qualify and agree to take the time to participate! I have less than 20 heartworm tests remaining to offer at this discounted rate so please fill out the consent form linked above ASAP if you're interested in taking advantage of this offer.

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